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Colorful Mini Ice Cream Cone Fudge Pop Frozen Treat Erasers for Children Party Favors, School Supplies, Toys (48 Pieces)

Only $8.99

A sweet looking collection of different flavors of popsicles and ice cream cone erasers for pencil marks. Perfect school supplies and party favors for anyone! Please note that erasers are non-scented and are not edible.
You can hand them out to students in favor bags on the first day of school to welcome them to their new classroom. They come in many assorted colors and styles so there is something for everyone. Correcting mistakes has never been this much fun and vibrant.
They are adorable and tasty looking ice cream scoop designed erasers in a variety of shapes. It features strawberry, vanilla, chocolate dipped ice cream cones, to fudge, strawberry, green and orange popsicle “flavors”. They make for fun school projects, art pieces, learning tools for the alphabet and much more.
Every order comes in a package of 48 assorted mini ice cream erasers. Makes an excelent value for the quantity as it gives you more options and uses. They can also make great educational tools!
This assorted bag of erasers contains a variety of designs that measure approximately and up to 1.5″ inches tall and up to 1″ inch wide. This collection of erasers features fun and practical to use daily.


Scented Bags included