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Boredom Buster Riddles: #Stumped – Volume 4 – For Teens and Adults

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Can you solve this riddle featured on the back cover of Boredom Buster Riddles?

“I am spelled two ways, but sound alike, I’m used for building or when indifference strikes, stand me up or lay me down, I’m part of structures or when you frown, use me in construction by someone you hire or to describe yourself when you’re sick and tired, What word am I?”

This Volume of the #Stumped Riddle Book series features riddles about being stuck at home. Written during the 2020 global pandemic, all the chapters reference things to do or ways to cope with being ‘stuck at home.’

It’s also an ideal book for those who need something to do when they’re not feeling well. In fact, if you need to send a friend or a loved one a get well card, write one of these riddles inside.

Stuck at Home Riddles features 80 original riddles with each of the eight chapters containing ten riddles. The riddle chapters of the book are; Physical Activity, Relaxation Techniques, Mind Stimulation, Online Learning, Spiritual Work, Games to Play, Things That Cheer You Up, Healthy Choices.

Turn the world off with a smile.



Boredom Buster