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VISCO Warm Carefresh Bedding in Cotton, Cotton Balls Filler Hamster House, Eliminate Loneliness Enhance Sense Security Small Animals Hibernation Like Hamster, Mice, Chinchilla

Only $5.59

Ventilation: Because it uses cotton as a filler, it can also play a role in ventilation while keeping warm.
Psychological effect: Filling its nest with cotton will give it a sense of security, as if it has a warm feeling that surrounds it and lets it through this cold winter.
Easy to use: First lay the wood chips, then you can fill the nest with this product, and usually you only need to place the cotton into the nest, and it will build up its own bed.
Size: 1 pack weighs about 40 grams, and there are about 90 cotton blocks.


Carefresh Small Pet Bedding