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Pet Craft Supply Comfortable Stylish Soft Pea Coat Outdoor Jacket Sweater Clothes Warm Pup Dog Doggie Cat Shirt Winter Puppy Pajamas for Dogs

Only $17.59

✅ TIMELESS DESIGN: Classic peacoat style with button, faux pocket, and collar details, and a silky-smooth lining.
✅ PET-SAFE MATERIAL: Made of a soft polyester and cotton blend. Won’t rub or irritate your pet’s skin.
✅ MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy to clean. Get rid of odor, dander, and fur by simply machine washing with similar color items in cold water on the gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.
✅ SIZING: Available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Check sizing guide below and measure your pet to ensure sizing is accurate.


Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket