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COLOR WHEEL GUIDE: Easy Color Theory

Only $3.97

IMAGINE……creating stunning works of art, designing beautiful living spaces, creating elegant designs in clothing, home decor and crafts. Plus, easily learning how to mix an endless array of paint colors for use in your projects.
“COLOR WHEEL GUIDE” by Debra J. Tillman, makes all of this easily possible in this quick and easy to use guide that can be immediately downloaded to your preferred electronic device.
Packed with all of the color theory tools necessary to easily achieve:
*Accurate paint mixing
*How to identify Primary, Secondary & Intermediate Colors
*How to choose Complementary Colors, Split Complementary Colors, Triad & Tetrad Complementary Colors
*Selecting Color Harmonies
*Warm & Cool Colors Chart
*What are Tints, Tones & Shades and how to apply them
**With two additional bonuses: “Color Definitions” (Quick Reference Guide)
“Gray Scale & Value Chart”

COLOR WHEEL GUIDE is a quick and informative guide to easily understanding the color wheel and color theory. It features many professional high-definition images to help you visualize each color application. It includes chapters explaining Primary, Secondary, Intermediate colors. There are also sections dedicated to identifying Split, Triad and Tetrad Complementary colors, warm and cool colors. A Color Definition (Quick Reference Guide) and a grayscale mixing chart are included at the end of the book. All of the research has been done for you and compiled in this informative easy to understand guide offered to you at reasonable price. It is available to you 24-7 via any electronic device. There are many large complicated color theory books available that may be hard to understand which can take a great length of reading and study. However, COLOR WHEEL GUIDE, is an easy to understand and quick guide to the color wheel that will enable you to understand the color wheel and color theory within a very short time frame. It is not a huge book because it need not be. Please keep in mind that it is formatted to Amazon Kindle specifications so it may view differently on various devices. Happy Reading….Debra



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